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Anshu Hu
Mudan Peony

This collection is inspired by the Chinese Royal flower Peony, which in the Chinoiserie style represents prosperity and pleasure. This association has a long history. From the seventh to the sixteenth century Peony were exclusive to Chinese Emperors, subsequently influencing the European Royal families in late seventeenth century and later revived among the public in the twentieth century in both Europe and America. This collection builds on traditional associations, whilst redefining perceptions for a contemporary consumer.

Anshu has explored a new way of jewellery production, combining traditional handcraft with contemporary industrial techniques. As a result, the jewellery expresses the unique qualities of hand crafting with the efficiency of production. This process has expanded to incorporate an innovative stone setting method, adding charm and luxury detailing.

Anshu Hu speaks three languages and has a background in literature, global art history and how world cultures influence each other. Winner of the Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Design Competition in 2014, her work has been shown in K11 Art Mall, Hong Kong.