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Gigi Barker
A Body of Skin

This furniture seeks to explore the intricate subtleties and varieties of the skin surface and the volumes of the flesh. The ‘chair’ is recognisably a body but it is not a literal body. The volumes speak to an owner but we cannot locate the body parts nor name the elements.

In order to sit on the chair, physical contact must be made and in so doing a connection is formed. This connection questions the relationship and level of comfort we have in our own skins and with an other.

Silicone is used as the base element in both pieces, as its visceral quality is instantly evocative of skin. The silicone is impregnated with the model’s aftershave and infused with pheromones creates an evocative trace to challenge the boundaries of the object’s relationship to the user.

Moulded leather provides a potential familiarity and thus more subtle visual impact. However, it is literally a piece of skin, removed from a body, a direct translation rather than a representation of the material.