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Leyla Asif

This collection features a tea set designed for a Russian and Pakistani fusion tea room. The collection is called ‘Journey’ and is separated into two tea sets, one for each culture, which come together to create more than the sum of their separate elements. The collection reflects the coming together of two ancient and rich cultures, Russian and Pakistan, through their use of decorative motif. Leyla deconstructed traditional blue and white Islamic art and Russian ceramic gzhel’ pottery motifs and recombined them to create an innovative interpretation of motifs for the contemporary context.

Birds symbolize prosperity and good fortune in both cultures. The motif of a bird is a metaphor for the journeys people take from culture to culture. The gold brush marks reflect traces of Islamic calligraphy and take the form of a partial cage, representing the constraints and adventures encountered when establishing a new sense of place in foreign lands, whilst carrying memories and thoughts from home.