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Yi Cheng
Generate and Overcome

This project is based on a branch of Chinese Taoist culture, called ‘Wuxing’. Wuxing refers to metal, wood, water, fire and earth – each element has a complex mutual constructive and destructive relationship between it and the others.

This collection focuses on the elements, changing the organic shapes and interwoven lines in three dimensions, adopting metaphorical and symbolic expression to reveal the primitive materialism. The woven texture symbolizes the mutual generation between the elements, whilst the symmetrical form represents nature abiding by the law of energy conservation.

In China, traditional jewellery has fallen out of favour with younger generations, loosing contact with the hidden meanings and rich cultural connections. For the younger generations, traditional jewellery is not fashionable in daily life, which may result in its diminished use and possible obsolescence. YiCheng seeks to reinvigorate this traditional culture and to re-imagine it in a manner more suitable for the fashion conscious consumers of contemporary China through new materials and contemporary aesthetics.